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Importing from Hungary: traditional bows and archery equipment of Turkey, Mongolia, the Magyar people, and other horse archers of the steppes.

Bowyer - Kassai Lajos, Hungary
North American Distributor - Edwin Gilbert, USA

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Horse Archery by Kassai LajosHorse Archery by Kassai Lajos
150 pages, lots of pictures, hardcover. Well written, with a touch of humor and philosophy. Kassai explains his style of teaching horsearchery. Since he had no instructor or even knew of anyone who shot from horseback he made mistakes and gives the reader the opportunity to avoid the ones he has made. The task of marrying the two complex arts of horsemanship and archery are a challenge that will stretch the mind and spirit. $24.00 USD

Kay's Thumbring Book Kay's Thumbring Book by Kay Koppedrayer
Everything you ever wanted to know about thumbrings. History, culture, how to make and how to use. Lots of pictures. $20.00 USD

It is important that a thumb ring fit just right. These simply finished brass rings give you the option of adjusting the ring to fit your thumb. Most easily by gentle striking to get the oval of the ring to match the oval shape of your thumb. Cutting and shrinking or expanding are simple tasks for even amateur jewelers or plumbers. Send circumference of first knuckle of right thumb. $20.00 USD

Glove Arrow Rest"Glove" Arrow Rest
For European style shooters $18.00 USD

"Handle Wrap" Arrow Rest   $16.00 USD

Bow strings $13.00 USD

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