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Importing from Hungary: traditional bows and archery equipment of Turkey, Mongolia, the Magyar people, and other horse archers of the steppes.

Bowyer - Kassai Lajos, Hungary
North American Distributor - Edwin Gilbert, USA

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Picture of Ed Gilbert Rubber arrow blunts or Rapier blunts
These come in four diameters to match the diameter of arrow shafts.

  • 1/4 inch blue
  • 5/16 inch red
  • 11/32 inch black
  • 23/64 inch  green

These go on an unsharpened end of a wooden shaft. If used on aluminum or carbon shafts something is needed to fill the inside of the shaft. If put on a sharpened wood or open end of a tubular shaft , the shaft will cut into and eventually through the rubber. They are also used in fencing to blunt the ends of fencing rapiers, schlagers, and daggers. $1.50 each, 6 for $8

Other fencing equipment
In addition to the blunts I keep an inventory of the CAS Hanwei fencing equipment as used by the SCA and Western Martial Arts clubs - gloves, masks, helms, and daggers. My prices on these are about what most retailers offer them at. I offer them at fencing events I am attending saving my colleagues shipping charges as well as the opportunity to actually use a weapon before purchasing.

CAS does offer bucklers but they are of 14 Gage steel and in my opinion way too heavy to use.  So...I manufacture steel bucklers, usually round and a foot in diameter.

For fencing they are of 18 gage steel and curved forward to catch sword points as pictured  in the 17th century Bolognaise fencing manuals.

For broadsword -either steel or wooden- the bucklers are of 16 gage steel and curled back to guide the cutting blows away. These are in many old paintings but I am attempting to reproduce the ones from the fighting manual that was written about 1325 in Germany and is called by its museum number " I-33"  (Roman one, Arabic threes)

I have a friend who excels in embossing these bucklers with coats of arms or fanciful designs.

  • Simple they are $40 for either weight.
  • Embossed  $100 will get you an normal design on an 18 gage buckler.
  • More complex designs and 16 gage weight will raise the price .


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