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Importing from Hungary: traditional bows and archery equipment of Turkey, Mongolia, the Magyar people, and other horse archers of the steppes.

Bowyer - Kassai Lajos, Hungary
North American Distributor - Edwin Gilbert, USA

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   Sun Pictures rented and bought sets of horsebows, quivers, and bow scabbards to equip Attila and his Huns in the “Night at the Museum” series of movies.

Here are the bows on the characters when they are manikins. Called this set of pictures “back shots”.  Next challenge is to get some photos with actors.

Picture of Attila's bow on manakinHun #1's backHun #2's backHun #3's backHun #5's backHun #6's backAttila's Quiver and Scabbard with Grozer bow

The quivers and bow scabbards are of the nomad style. The bows are a Hun model by Grozer Csaba. Many of Mr. Grozer’s bows look more like historical bows. Or at least how we of the 21st century think the old bows looked like. The Hun’s equipment is plain or simply decorated. Notice Attila’s has brass placks on the leather work and horn inlay on the bow.

Here are more photos of verci and pony bow models. These give a close up view of the functional details and the finish work (click pictures for larger image).

Verci bows:

Verci bows close up - click to enlargeVerci bows full length - click to enlarge

Pony bows:

Pony bow close up - click to enlargePony bow full length picture - click to enlarge

The hunter bow photo includes some fancy arrow heads that I have a few of. A very nice quiver that is made in Hungary and a simple belt quiver made by a Wisconsin leather - worker.

Hunter bow pic - click to enlarge

I will gather similar photos of all the bow models.

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